20 things they don’t teach you in “University Perspectives”

“Take the ‘University Perspectives’ course,” they say.

“It will help you adjust to college,” they say.

In between weekly, hour long lessons on how to manage my time (make sure you open a book once in a while, Shelbs. And occasionally sleep….) and the importance of utilizing university resources (the library is for studying. Who knew?) I learned a few things during my first semester as a freshman at the U of A. While this knowledge was not acquired during my time spent in the infamous, required “University Perspectives” course, I like to think it’s still worthwhile.


What’s the best fraternity house on campus, you ask? pshhh, that’s a no brainer.  It’s the fraternity house you’re at that night. If he keeps the party going, then he is indeed #1.

No, Target is NOT better than Walmart. Don’t say it….don’t even think it, because Southerner’s are like hawks when it comes to identifying the anti-Walmart folk. They can smell them from a mile away. Learn from my mistakes: don’t be the freshman who disses Walmart while living uncomfortably close to the company headquarters.

People change. It’s just the way life works. It’s the ones who remain the same we ought to worry about.


It’s not a gift from his grandmother’s closet. It’s his Patagonia sweatshirt, and he loves it with his whole heart.


Those who hail from the STL have an accent. I’m yet to figure out exactly what said “accent” sounds like, but my Southern friends are convinced it exists.

Some things are worth fighting for. Some things are not. Knowing when to keep pushing, and when to throw in the towel is an incredibly valuable skill in life. The road to developing such an ability is a long and sometimes painful one: college is where it all starts.

Don’t take mom’s home cooking for granted. Even on her worst days, she’s still better than the dining hall.

It’s a bit of a cliche’, but you honestly will meet your best friends in college. In just a short semester you’ll laugh with them, cry with them, vent to them, and everything in between. Life is crazy, and there’s no better way to experience it than with the friends you meet along the way.

Oh, you say your sporting event is competitive? Try watching thousands of sorority girls compete for a select number of wristbands to the next big fraternity function. It’s like the Hunger Games down here.

Some like to refer to themselves by their greek letters. Other’s prefer to identify as a “GDI”. Potato, Patahto. At the end of the day, we’re all just people, trying to get by.

Ladies: self-respect is essential in everything you do. Hold on to it with all the strength you can harbor. You see, Freshman Year is a sneaky one. Let go of that dignified will for even just a moment, and Freshman Year will rip that precious self-respect right from your finger tips. It’s a whole lot harder to regain it, than it is to obtain it. Tread with caution.

Like fried chicken? There’s a southern cookin’ joint on every block. Searching for a Chinese delivery restaurant? Good luck to you….

Do not be deceived: the South is warm, but it’s not THAT warm. It’s easy to laugh at everyone feverishly preparing for the supposed “snowpocalypse” that is on the horizon. Surly it won’t compare to what we’ve seen back home in the STL, right? WRONG. Mother Nature likes to play games.

Our Razorback football motto “#NeverYield” is better suited for the public bus transit system. Pedestrians? Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Native Arkansan’s will profess their die hard love for Chacos sandals. Just because it’s popular and comfortable, doesn’t mean it’s attractive.  Need I remind you of all those hideous pictures of yourself in elementary school, wearing those bright orange crocs that were so popular? Enough said.

“The bigger the hair, the closer you are to God.”

There is, indeed, such a thing as becoming “too trusting.” Like most people, I like to believe the best in others. While everyone is a good person at heart (yes, I really do believe that…) some people will test that theory, and with just a few short months of college under your belt, it’s not uncommon for an unexpected curveball to be thrown by someone you have so easily put your trust in. Believe in them anyways. Just maybe from afar,and with your guard up. Becoming “too trusting” can be equally as damaging as the inability to trust. Search for that happy medium.

Do yourself a favor, and promptly delete SnapChat before going out on the weekends. You’ll thank me later.

So you’ve had to adjust your mini-skirt five times, and you haven’t made it past your dorm lobby? It’s only downhill from here. Go change, honey.


Time flies. Before you know it, your first semester of freshman year will be here and gone. Look back on it with a smile…life is too short to be anything but HAPPY.