You. Are. Enough.

Dearest you,

Yes, you.

The one who has wondered. The one who has wandered. The one who doesn’t have a clue where their going. The one who knows it all. The one who yearns for more knowledge. The one with the full-proof plan. The one who’s lost. The one who is madly in love. The one who’s broken-hearted.

Yes, you.

This one is for you.

There’s something I need you to know. Something that needs to be said.

                                                   You. Are. Enough.

Always. Everyday. Everywhere. All the time.

                                                   You. Are. Enough.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, to be a great writer, you have to be willing to put it all out there. No filter. You must be prepared to place all of your deepest thoughts, stories, and mixed emotions in a glass case on display for the world (wide web? Ayyy 2014, I see you, I see you) to take in. But here’s the thing about glass: it can break. Really easily, at that. That’s a whole lot of fragile, and not necessarily something I’m ready to play around with just yet. You see my friend, I don’t have the guts….I might as well admit it. I don’t have the guts to be the best writer I could possibly be. I will never put it ALL out there.

However, I will say this: I think what I encounter, more than ever as a part of the 20-something crowd, is this endless search for a sense fulfillment; this deep longing to be “enough.” Not just in regards to relationships, but in general, really. We’re all searching to feel whole. And in a generation that’s all about being the one who cares less, that can be hard at times. Really, really hard- for everyone. But, my friend, you are not alone.

 “She cheated on me.”

      “I didn’t get the job.”

           “He walked away from me like I was nothing….”

                 “I failed a huge exam.”

Oh, don’t you know it breaks my heart? When you cry out those words the way you do, it cuts me in two. Those are words that reek of self-contempt. They’re sharp. They’re ridged. They’re painful for me to hear. Honey, those are the words that’ll leave you starving for more from this thing we call life. And don’t you know that when you’re hungry for more, half a sandwich just simply won’t do. You’re gonna want something else. Something substantial to make you feel whole. And doubt? It makes for a weak plate. It won’t fill you up. Not even close.

I’d like to define enough to you, just to prove to you, once and for all, that you are. It’s far too subjective, though. No one can truly define it… one really knows.

But I do know this:

You don’t need doubt. You don’t need to question yourself.

                         You. Are. Enough.

  You, yes you.

                        You. Are. Enough.






22 signs you’re nineteen-going-on-twenty

“How old are you?”

“Almost twenty.”

“So 19……”


1. Not only purchasing Chacos (the collegiate equivalent to Crocs, see “20 Things They Don’t Teach You in University Perspectives”) but wearing them shamelessly. Jesus rocked those sandals, so can you.

2. That hot player from freshman year? You all have at least one who comes to mind….he’s significantly less attractive the second time around the block as a sophomore.

3. But still kinda attractive….dammit….

4. Ordering a salad at Chipotle. The Freshman 15 is real- and very, very scary. Acceptance is the first step to recovery.

5. Your Facebook newsfeed slowly transforming from what was once Spring Break photos to polished snapshots of couples and (gasp) engagement rings.

6. Coincidentally, the idea of adopting a cat becoming more and more appealing.

7. Accepting that your Dad is, in fact, always right.

8. ….and offering to pick up the check when he takes you to dinner (still with full intentions of letting him pay the tab)

9. Using “remember freshman year….” as the opening line to your best stories. Ah, the glory days.

10. Facing the striking fear that accompanies watching older guys flirt with innocent freshman girls, which has an uncanny resemblance  to watching a deer unknowingly dart in front of a moving semi-truck, blinded by the headlights.

11. Leading to the realization that, with this kind of protective instinct, you might actually make a semi-decent parent one day….

12. Keyword: might

13. In about ten years.

14. Maybe fifteen….

15. Embracing one of life’s greatest truths: the only person in control of your destiny? YOU. No one else is responsible for your choices and direction. Live and let live has a whole new meaning as the big 2-0 approaches.

16. Coming to terms with your inability to twerk. Exploring other options. Ballroom Dance Club? Sure, why not.

17. Finally acknowledging that walking through the Ozark hills to get to class doesn’t actually substitute for a leg day at the gym. Midnight Taco Bell has, and always will, void this myth.

18. Accepting that, no matter what your age, the bouncer’s at every 18+ event will always ask you to spell out your ridiculously long last name and/or other information, should you happen to have the dreaded baby face.

19. Calling your mom for advice. Actually taking it.

20. Using a spoon when you eat Nutella from the jar, as opposed to pretzels, crackers….your hands….

21. Finalizing long term career goals. Whether it be filling out internship applications, or accepting a professional employment position in addition to course work, it’s time to put those big-girl pants on.

22. ……and mini skirts, on the weekends. Not retired just yet.