Name: Shelby

Age: 19

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Hometown: the STL (with Wisconsin roots…. don’t chaaa know)

When I began my college search, I had my head up….literally. I was only looking at metropolitan based, Midwest and Northern institutions on the map. In a bizarre twist of fate, defying all pre-conceived notions I may have had, I fell in love with the University of Arkansas, located in the Southern town of Fayetteville, AR. It was everything I wasn’t used to, and I loved it.


*No, I’m not married to my cousin….we’re not even engaged.

*Sweet tea is far too sweet for me…plus those empty calories don’t do anyone any good. I prefer Splenda.

*I won’t even use the word “mittens” to refer to my gloves….let alone a politician.

Join me as I experience the Southern culture, college life, and everything that falls in between. You may get a good laugh in with me (or at me).


***Note: the thoughts and ideas presented on this blog do not reflect the views of the University of Arkansas and associated institutions in any way. It’s all me babyyy.***


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